We are on strike because it is time for some dignity and respect for the workers providing world-class care.

We are on strike because we care about the patients we serve. These are our neighbors, our friends, our family members.

We are going to remain on strike until we can deliver the high-qu

It feels like I’m in a bad marriage right now. I am in my 22nd year with Sequoia Hospital and it is extremely disheartening that as we continue to stay loyal and go above and beyond to be a positive and valuable asset, I personally can’t help but feel like I’m being cheated on.

We need more people, and we need to make sure that we are all paid and compensated for the hard work that we do. We cannot get decent working people if we don’t have a decent wage. I’m tired of working overtime just so that I can make my rent, and make my bills.

How can I safely care for 32 patients? It’s humanly impossible. Personally, I went to the bathroom a few times to cry but had to swallow it and return because there was so much to be done. We need safe staffing ratios now!