AFSCME 57 On Strike

Hundreds of critical health care providers at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City are on strike.

The 300 nurses' assistants, aids, surgical techs, respiratory therapists, housekeepers, cooks and more at Sequoia Hospital are on strike because they care about the patients they serve. But they can't deliver the care our patients deserve because Dignity and President Bill Graham are unwilling to invest in recruiting and retaining the staff needed. These essential workers have been in contract negotiations for months but management's solution to the crisis is a 3% wage increase, unaffordable health insurance with endless hikes and a refusal to establish safe staffing ratios of 8 patients per CNA.

Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital has issued a warning to the nearly 300 health care and support workers, who 

Hundreds of health care and support workers at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City are striking today, calling for better working conditions and a new contract.

Sequoia Hospital workers in Redwood City began striking Monday over contract negotiations around pay and benefits, with employees demanding changes from health care provider Dignity Health.

Hundreds of support workers at Sequoia Hospital walked out of the job Monday to strike for better wages, benefits and working conditions after negotiations with Dignity Health for a new contract st

We are on strike because it is time for some dignity and respect for the workers providing world-class care.

We are on strike because we care about the patients we serve. These are our neighbors, our friends, our family members.

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We are going to remain on strike until we can deliver the high-quality care San Mateo County deserves through high-quality jobs we can be proud of. We are disappointed and saddened that they are treating us this way.

It feels like I’m in a bad marriage right now. I am in my 22nd year with Sequoia Hospital and it is extremely disheartening that as we continue to stay loyal and go above and beyond to be a positive and valuable asset, I personally can’t help but feel like I’m being cheated on.

We need more people, and we need to make sure that we are all paid and compensated for the hard work that we do. We cannot get decent working people if we don’t have a decent wage. I’m tired of working overtime just so that I can make my rent, and make my bills.